Monday, July 1, 2019

Digital Drawings

I've been using the Sketches Pro app both at school and on my own this past year. Here are a few recent drawings.

I've never been one to jump on the bandwagon of a new device or technique and that's especially true for technology. My basic rule of thumb is to discover if the technology in question can do something more efficiently than other means. While I still work with actual paint, pastels, pencils and pens all the time I do appreciate having access to a variety of "materials", at least in the virtual sense in one place - my iPad and stylus. Oddly enough this is most handy in the more rustic settings. This past week I was high in the mountains of southern Colorado and carrying all the materials I might use around with me would have been much harder than hiking though the woods with my iPad in the backpack. I rather like the image of the lone artist deep in the forest with digital drawing tools.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Still drawing in my Sketchbooks

Most of my drawings these days are in my sketchbooks, very few large scale works lately, have pens will travel, and I do.

Back to Work

I started out 2017 with an idea for a comic strip parodying the words and actions of Donald Trump. I found that his insanity was not only painful to behold, but also almost impossible to keep up with - what do I make fun of now? I found with five or six completely outrageous, if not heinous actions or comments per day I felt overwhelmed.
So I focused on other artistic work.
Here are some photos of things I see and find interesting.
Sometimes it's the Rocky Mountains that inspire me, sometimes it's an old fence with weeds twisting around or maybe the way telephone polls and street lights can appear like giant sculptures.